ByLaws & Covenants

The Siesta Isles Association, Inc. (the “Association”) is a not for profit corporation under the laws of the State of Florida.

It is governed by the RESTATED AND AMENDED BYLAWS OF SIESTA ISLES ASSOCIATION, INC., and managed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of no more than 15 members. These unpaid volunteers are concerned lot owners devoted to preserving and improving the lifestyle and property values of our community. Over the years, thoughtful and consistent management has kept Siesta Isles one of the most admired areas on Siesta Key.

Below is a downloadable pdf of the most recently revised Siesta Isles Bylaws.

The Board of Directors is charged with the administration of the RESIDENTIAL AREA COVENANTS, with which every lot owner must comply regardless of membership status in the Association. The Deed Restrictions/Covenants are the legal rules governing the use of your land that you agreed to abide by when you purchased property in Siesta Isles, Inc.

Below is a downloadable pdf of the Siesta Isles Covenants.

These deed restrictions have been continuously in effect in one form or another since the inception of Siesta Isles. Current restrictions are the result of a revision effective February 28, 1978. One additional stipulation was added in June 1987, to provide for recovery of legal costs for enforcement actions against violators of the covenants. In February 2006, the deed restrictions were renewed until the year 2036.

Restrictions “run with the land” and are binding upon all property owners in each of the ten units comprising Siesta Isles, their tenants, agents, heirs and assigns. A unit site plan of the Siesta Isles is provided as a downloadable pdf below as well as a list of addresses cross-referenced with the individual lot numbers.

All appropriate legal documentation has been recorded in the public records of Sarasota County, Florida, to inform prospective owners, realtors, attorneys and title searchers of the existence and details of the deed restrictions.

In addition to the Siesta Isles Association ByLaws and Covenants, the property in Siesta Isles is also subject to the laws and regulations of Sarasota County and the State of Florida. The laws of Sarasota County set forth additional conditions affecting the use of property in Siesta Isles, all of which is zoned for single-family residence purposes only.

County code prohibits rentals less than thirty (30) days duration and conversion of homes into apartments. County code prohibits certain business practices and Siesta Isles Covenant C-8 prohibits trade as well as other activities.

Canal construction matters are regulated by the County.

Below are downloadable pdfs regarding Sarasota County rental regulations and a letter that may be used by property owners to their rental agencies regarding restrictions if Siesta Isles properties are used as rental properties.

Information and forms related to new construction, fences and other variances can be found on the House Plans & Forms Page.

Two reminders:

1. Trash, yard waste, and recycling:

The Siesta Isles Association is asking you to follow these Sarasota County regulations with regard to trash, yard waste and recycling barrels:

Please do not put out your barrels before 5pm on the day before your pickup (if your pickup day is Wednesday, do not put them out before 5pm on Tuesday ). Empty barrels should be put back in your enclosure by 10am the day following pickup (if your pickup day is Wednesday, please remove the barrels from the street by 10am on Thursday )

In addition, please follow the Siesta Isles Association covenant regarding storage of all barrels:

All trash, yard waste and recycling barrels must be placed in an enclosed area so they will not be visible from the street or adjoining properties.

2. Reminder for property owners who rent:

As a deed restricted community, we want to make sure that you and your prospective tenants understand our covenants. They are listed on pages 4&5, Part C of our current Directory (2022) and can also be found on the website here. While many of the covenants do not apply to renters, quite a few do (C2 - Use, C7 - Unsightly Objects, C8 - Nuisances, C9 - Signs, C10 - Animals, C11 - Use of Canals, C14 - Vehicles). Reviewing these covenants with a prospective tenant will eliminate potential problems in the future. According to Sarasota County, "If you would like to register a complaint with Code Compliance, please visit our Citizen Connect Portal, email us  at [email protected], or call us at 941-263-6623 for assistance."**

Thank you for your cooperation.


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