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Siesta Isles is a deed-restricted community with requirements regarding garages, house height, setbacks, fencing, and other restrictions. Persons considering new construction, additions or changes to a home, construction of garages, decks, cages, fences, or any other exterior improvements are advised that Siesta Isles Deed Restrictions take precedence over County building codes. Approval for construction must be obtained from the Board before it is commenced. Meeting County building requirements does not necessarily mean the Association Covenants are satisfied. Homeowners should review the Siesta Isles Variance Policy and contact the Siesta Isles House Plans Chair before proceeding with any construction or modification.

The SIA Board of Directors has the authority to enforce its deed restrictions and may require changes to bring properties into compliance. However, homeowners can request variances under certain circumstances.

New Construction or Variances
The Application for Construction Permit and/or Variance should be submitted when the homeowner is building a new home, remodeling or adding to the existing structure, putting in a pool cage, fence or hedge, or adding any other structure to the property. This form should be submitted no less than one week before a regularly scheduled board meeting so board members have time to review the application before a vote.

The Application for Variance for Existing Non
-Compliant Setbacks should be used when properties have setback encroachments. It should be submitted well in advance of a property sale closing and no less than two weeks before a regularly scheduled board meeting so the House Plans Committee has time to research SIA Lot records for prior variance approvals.

requests should be submitted to the House Plans Chair along with the variance application fee and supplemental material such as the Notice of Variance Application form, property survey, plot plan, construction drawings, etc.

Variance Application Fee, which is due at the time of the Variance Application, at a flat $500 for homeowners who are NOT members of the Siesta Isles Association. The fee is waived for current SIA members who were also a member for the previous year, or if the member moved into Siesta Isles during the current fiscal year and joined the association; all other variance applications will carry the standard variance fee of $500.

Anyone applying for a variance should keep in
mind that, just because the SIA Board has the authority to grant variances, it is under no obligation to do so.

The Siesta Isles Association Construction Permit Application, Fence Guidelines, Variance Policy, and Variance Application Forms are provided as downloadable pdfs on this page.

Contact information for the House Plans Chair can be found on the Committees Page of this website or questions can be directed to [email protected].

Estoppel Requests
In Florida real estate transactions, an estoppel letter identifies if the seller has an outstanding balance for unpaid dues, fees or other assessments owed to the homeowners association. It may also identify unresolved issues, such as noncompliance to HOA deed restrictions of the property being sold. Because the Siesta Isles Association is a voluntary HOA, homeowners are not required to pay our dues. However, they may be subject to property maintenance, unauthorized vehicle storage or legal fees if they have been in violation of our deed restrictions and the association has had to take action to bring the property into compliance.

Often when owners are ready to sell their homes, they discover that changes or additions made to their properties in the past do not meet SIA covenants. A property may also not be in compliance in regards to setbacks, prior construction, or other issues. In such cases, the HOA has the obligation to the buyer (or buyer’s lender) to identify such issues.

SIA charges nonmembers $150 to process an estoppel, and requests can be made using the email form on the Contact Us Page or directed to [email protected] . There is no fee if the applicant is a current member and was a member for the previous fiscal year, or if the member moved into Siesta Isles during the current fiscal year and joined the association; all other estoppel applications will carry the standard estoppel fee of $150.

For setback encroachments that existed prior to the current owner’s purchase of the property, the homeowner should contact the SIA House Plans Chair via [email protected] to request a variance using the Application for Variance for Existing Non-Compliant Setbacks

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